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You know Wyoming is a strange place. It is beautiful here. There are wide open unspoiled patches of land that go to the horizon, you can even forget there are other people here. To some that is a paradise and a reason many live here. But for me its more of a perdition. I am trying to see the good of being alone, but when it comes down to it, I am a very social person. Its places like livejournal and second life that are life savers for me. I can reach out to communities virtually where the physical real world community I find here holds little interest for me.

When I arrived I was happy, and content. I find now that it was the love of my wife that sustained me. Now that I do not have a wife, I must find something else. I'm working on it.

So really there is no difference between Heaven or Hell, they are BOTH right where you stand, right now -- its what we make out of them.

I've spent enough time in purgatory here. Time to start diggin' my way up to the light.

-- Zen
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From the Court of His Majesty, King of the Wyoming SteamPunks, ZenMondo in Casper WY.

LET IT BE KNOWN on this day January 4, 02007, that [livejournal.com profile] bigfishsearcher is made DUKE of the Steam-Freehold of Laramie. Furthermore he shall be styled DEFENDER OF THE PASSES, and made a fellow in the BROTHERHOOD OF KILTED WYOMINGITES.

FURTHERMORE, it his Majesty King Zen's pleasure to commission [livejournal.com profile] bigfishsearcher in the ROYAL AIRSHIP CORPS OF THE STEAMKINGDOM OF WYOMING with the rank of SKY-ADMIRAL. It is up to His Grace to provide his own Airship.

Due to His Grace Duke of Laramie that he will be given a pension of FIFTY WYOMING STEAMBUCKS a year as soon as we start printing Wyoming SteamBucks.

As the current sole subject in the SteamKingdom of Wyoming, he shall swear no fealty, for I shall not accept it, we are all free and beholden to no powers in the SteamKingdom of Wyoming.

Being a subject and resident of the SteamKingdom of Wyoming, the appearance before His Majesty is hereby waived, but it would still please His Majesty if His Grace Duke of Laramie would appear in the presence either by visiting His Court or hosting a visit.

In Cog We Trust,

-- King Zen.

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