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I think the trunk in my car is possessed. It has a very frustrating habit. When I am reaching into the trunk to get groceries, the top always wants to fall down on my head. I often just prop it up with my head as I fill my hands with groceries. HOWEVER, once my hands are full, and I am not bent over into the trunk, the top stays up. So then I have to nudge it with my elbow or similar to get it to shut.

You ever see the original Herbie Movie? The Love Bug? Great lil' show that one. It postulated that things in this world have aquired souls of thier own and are alive. This makes my inner-animist smile.

I wonder what my car thinks of me. Its been a good car for us, but I know I have not treated it the best. I certainly haven't treated it like its alive.

I think I do think I used to have stronger animist leanings than I do today. I don't know what has happened the past few years, but it almost feels like the magic has run out of me. And with less magic in my soul, I don't see the magic around me like I used to. I miss the magic. It seems to me, that I have been caught up so much in the material world, that the immaterial has less influence on me. Its not all gone, not yet. There is still the breath of a god in me somewhere.

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